July 6, 2017

Wedding Planning Question: Who Pays For What?


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If you are brand new to wedding planning, you may find yourself a bit confused by who should be paying for what as you prepare for the big day.  There really are no rules for today’s brides and grooms, and each wedding will vary depending on the couple.  However, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at who traditionally pays for each part of a wedding.

Bride and family pay for…
  • ceremony venue (church, synagogue, etc.) and ceremonial music (organist, harpist, pianist, etc.)
  • bride’s dress, veil, and accessories
  • all arrangements for ceremony and reception (minus musical entertainment and alcohol), plus corsages and bouquets for bridesmaids and flower girls
  • all photography and videography
  • engagement party
  • groom’s ring
  • all stationary (invitations, announcements, programs)
  • wedding transportation
Groom and family pay for…
  • marriage license and officiant’s fee
  • groom’s outfit
  • bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres for men, and corsages for mothers and grandmothers
  • complete honeymoon
  • rehearsal dinner
  • musical entertainment and alcohol at reception
  • bride’s rings
Bridal party and groom’s attendants pay for…
  • their own clothing and accessories
  • maid of honor and bridesmaids host bridal shower and bachelorette party
  • best man and groomsmen host bachelor party
  • throw any additional parties
Again, every family is different, so responsibilities could vary from who pays for what exactly. This is just a good reference to go by!


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