When You Know, You Know

When You Know, You Know

Sam came to GBC after going to several other shops. She had already found a dress she loved in another city, but just wasn’t ready to pull the trigger at the time. Fast forward to her appointment with us and that same dress was here, waiting for her…it was a perfect fit AND on sale!

What were some of your “must haves” for your wedding dress?
I wanted my dress to be “me.” I wanted to be comfortable, and I wanted it to make sense when wearing it. I didn’t want something that was extravagant just because it was my wedding. That’s not my personality or style. I like things that are simple and natural, but have a lot of thought put into them so ultimately that’s how I wanted my dress to be.

Was your vision the same as the wedding dress you chose?
Yes! I didn’t have an exact idea of what I wanted my dress to look like when I started, or even when I finished shopping. I was able to narrow down somewhat of a style after the first few shops, but I never had any specific expectations. Again, I wanted a dress that reflected my personality and style and that’s pretty much all I knew going into dress shopping. I would say the dress I chose definitely matched that vision.

What did you love most about your gown?
EVERYTHING!!! If I had to pick one thing, it would be how the dress complimented itself. The lace details combined with the silhouette combined with the crepe fabric combined with the train and the neckline all worked so perfectly together. Even after seeing new dresses being released, I still don’t regret my choice, and I don’t think I ever will.

How did you know you had found your wedding dress?
The first time I tried on the dress I ended up with was at a boutique in Raleigh. It was my second stop, and I was still unsure of what I was looking for in a dress but I didn’t want to take this one off. I had already made a few other appointments in Charleston for when I got home that summer so I decided to wait because I really wanted to make sure I looked at all my options. Gown Boutique was my third stop in Charleston, fifth overall, and I still had another appointment the same day. When the stylist asked what I liked so far I told her about the dress I had
previously tried on. She informed me that the sample dress was actually on sale and able to leave the store that day. We still pulled some other dresses for me to try, but I still loved that one. I almost cried when I found out the sample was my size and on sale for over half off! I took the dress home with me and cancelled my other appointment. When you know, you know!

Most memorable moment from your wedding dress shopping experience:
Trying on my dress for the last (and probably fifth time) before I bought it and knowing it was the one!

Most memorable moment from your wedding day:
The moment right before I walked down the aisle. I’m not a nervous person. I planned pretty much every moment of my wedding day myself and even set up some of my centerpieces and decorations. I had a specific vision for how everything would look and go, and I made sure it all happened so therefore, I was very calm the day of. But as soon as the song started I got a little nervous because I was so excited and it really hit me that I have never been more excited for anything in my life – I couldn’t wait to walk around the corner and see my (almost) husband. It was so special, and I still get told by so many people that there wasn’t a dry eye there and it’s so true. The feeling that I could tell everyone had, including myself, was truly magical. I hope every bride gets to experience that on her wedding day.

Advice you would give to future brides about planning their wedding:
Don’t be afraid to tell people what you want! This is YOUR day, and YOU get to make the decisions. Be open to suggestions, but if you know you want something, don’t settle for anything but that. Don’t let your florist tell you to choose a different color. Don’t let your coordinator tell you to put a sign or your cake somewhere else. Don’t let your photographer tell you to do a pose you don’t feel comfortable with. Go with your gut and you will not regret it!

Advice you would give to future brides about wedding dress shopping:
Don’t be afraid to go with the first dress you try on but also don’t be afraid to try on 100 dresses before you pick one. You should feel so comfortable in your dress, and you shouldn’t settle just because you feel like you’ve tried on too many. I’m so glad I didn’t buy my dress the first time I tried it on because I would have never gotten such a great deal for it! But I also know lots of brides who bought the first dress they tried on and loved it just as much. Everyone goes through a different process and whatever yours is, is okay!

Anything else you want to share about planning your wedding or your Gown Boutique of Charleston experience:
This wasn’t asked and I haven’t mentioned it but my dress was an Essense of Australia style #D2298 (all the heart eyes).

GBC Bride Sam is the perfect example of trusting your gut when it comes to saying yes to your dress! Because we have the largest selection in Charleston, it is not uncommon for brides to find their dress during their first appointment with us. Although Sam didn’t start out at our boutique, we can’t get over how perfectly it worked out for her! After all, what’s better than finding your dream dress at an amazing price point and in your size!?

Photographer Name:​ Reagan Aleea Photography
Venue:​ Dunes West Golf & River Club
Florist:​ Charleston Blooms
Makeup:​ Charleston Bridal Hair & Makeup

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