When Modern Meets Boho, Beautiful Things Happen

When Modern Meets Boho, Beautiful Things Happen

With details in mind, but not a particular vision, GBC Bride Megan came to Gown Boutique of Charleston with an open mind. Although there were dresses she liked more than others, there was not one dress Megan truly did not like in the boutique. When Megan was finally able to narrow it down to two favorites, all it took was a veil and a question from her stylist to make her realize that she had found the one!

What were some of your “must haves” for your wedding dress?
I wanted a dress that had some lace and some sparkle, but that didn’t look like the average sequined lace dress that you have seen a million times before. It was very important to me that my dress had the elements that I wanted, but was unique. I wasn’t sure the fit I wanted (I just wanted whatever would look best on me), but I was leaning towards an a-line. I knew that a sweetheart neckline was my favorite, but was open to other options. I wasn’t sure what fabric I wanted, but I knew I did not want satin.

Was your vision the same as the wedding dress you chose?
My dress was more than I could have ever envisioned! It wasn’t exactly what I had pictured in my mind for myself, but I think that is just because I could never imagined a dress so beautiful and perfect until I had seen it in real life. My dress incorporated tulle, lace, and beading. It was a-line and had spaghetti straps with a deep sweetheart neckline. The details were what I requested, but the way they were incorporated into this dress made it so unique and so beautiful. The description of this dress says modern meets boho, and I feel like that embodies my wedding vision to a T.

What did you love most about your gown?
I can’t say just one specific thing that I love the most because I love absolutely every single part of my dress, but I can say that the small unique details were what I loved most about my gown if I had to pick something. The details in particular I love are the lattice pattern beading, the unique lace appliques, the side cut outs, the surprise layer of sequined tulle, and the horsehair hemline. These details are what made the dress so special.

How did you know you had found your wedding dress?
I was actually really worried that I wasn’t going to know when I found the right dress and that I wasn’t going to have that “moment” that you hear so many girls talk about because I liked everything I tried on. I of course liked some dresses better than others, but there was not a single dress that I just hated. I think the stylist was the reason I found my perfect dress. She was so intuitive and could basically tell me what I liked and disliked about dresses before I knew myself. In the end I narrowed it down to my and my family’s two favorite dresses. I tried them on a second time, and I still wasn’t sure. The stylist put a veil on me in the one that was my family’s favorite and the one that the stylist thought I would like best based on my appointment. She let my family and friends see me first, and they all started crying. I remember thinking this is so silly…it is just a veil, and I just told them that I still wasn’t sure. The stylist then turned me around and asked me if I could picture marrying Brantley in this dress. That right there is what did it for me and what made me know! Putting it into the context of marrying my husband instead of just picking out a pretty dress made me know this is it, and I cried. If you knew me you would know that’s a big deal. I’m never overwhelmed by this intense feeling of love and happiness. That feeling is what made me know this dress was made for me.

Most memorable moment from your wedding dress shopping experience:
The dress shopping experience as a whole was memorable and fun for me. I loved getting to feel like an adult playing dress up. But I would have to say that moment when I didn’t know what I looked like in the veil but my family and friends were looking up at me with tears in their eyes was something I will never forget. They all told me how beautiful and perfect I looked. They told me that if you could make me as a person and my personality into a dress that this is what it would be. Their love and approval meant so much to me. And then obviously that moment when it finally hit me that I was for real getting married and for real getting to wear this beautiful gown was a feeling that can never be duplicated.

Most memorable moment from your wedding day:
​I actually have two favorite moments from my wedding day. My husband and I chose not to do a first look so we saw each other for the first time when the doors opened and I started walking down the aisle. I had not even talked to him all day let alone seen him. Getting married did not feel real until that moment. I know this sounds so cliché, but it really was like the whole world around us dissolved and we were the only two people that mattered or existed. As he looked at me with tears in his eyes I couldn’t do anything but smile. In that moment I felt love, joy and excitement all at the same time and I knew that it would be a feeling and a moment that I would never forget. The second most memorable moment from my wedding day was a sad, but beautiful moment for me. My dad passed away almost 5 years ago and my younger brother was the one who walked me down the aisle and danced with me. I was doing so well and hadn’t cried all day about my dad not being with me, but at one point during that dance my brother leaned over and kissed me on my forehead and told me that he knew dad wanted to be there. In that moment I cried and cried and cried. I missed him so much, but I also realized that he really was there. Not in the way I wished he could have been, but my dad was there with me on my wedding day.

Advice you would give to future brides about planning their wedding:
​I would advise brides to remember to enjoy the planning process. I feel like too often brides get caught up into the planning and are trying to be too perfect and are getting so stressed about all of the details instead of just enjoying and taking it all in. Definitely on your actual wedding day do not panic and stress about whether the details are going to be perfect and exactly the way you want them. Sit back and take in the day and allow yourself to enjoy the day. I would also advise brides to make sure that during their planning they are doing what is best for and what is wanted by the bride and groom. The day is about the two of you and your love so don’t stress about trying to do what grandma wants or best friend wants. It is your and your future husband’s day so that’s who it should be about point blank period.

Advice you would give to future brides about wedding dress shopping:
​I would advise brides that when they go dress shopping to have something in mind, but not something too specific. What I mean by that is you should know things that you do and don’t like, but also go into your appointment with an open mind. You don’t want to go into an appointment with absolutely no idea of what you want because you could easily get overwhelmed. On the flip side you don’t want to go into the appointment with only one specific dress in mind because if it for some reason doesn’t work out you may feel disappointed and defeated. Don’t settle, but don’t stress!

Anything else you want to share about planning your wedding or your Gown Boutique of Charleston Experience:
​I seriously cannot say enough good things about my experience at Gown Boutique of Charleston. I don’t know if I would have found my dress without my stylist help. The majority of the dresses I tried on I liked, but I didn’t love. However I couldn’t figure out what it was about it that I didn’t like so I didn’t know how to figure out what the dress I loved would look like. Somehow my stylist knew before I did what it was that I liked and didn’t like about the dresses. For example, one dress I tried on I said I liked it a lot, but didn’t love it but didn’t know why. My stylist said I think you are missing the sparkle. And then I was like oh yeah that is what it is. It amazes me how she gained so much insight into my personality and my taste in such a short period of time, but that insight is what led us to find my perfect dress. I can never thank her enough!

We think Megan’s friends and family were 100% right when they said that Megan’s dress was as if the designer took her as a person and her personality and made it into a dress! It had Megan written all over it. As you can see by all her gorgeous photos, it’s description fit her and her wedding day so so well. We can’t thank Megan enough for shopping with us! We had so much fun helping her find her perfect dress!

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Wright! Wishing the two of you all the happiness in the world!

Photographer: The Hatches Photography
Venue: Venue at Laura’s Farm
Florist: Perry’s Creations
DJ and Photo Booth: Sound Quest DJ’s
Caterer: Harris Catering
Videography: The Hatches
Alterations: Kira Elizabeth Designs
Alcohol: Micky’s Finn’s
Ceremony Music: Noah Stanely
Invitations: Basic Invite

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