March 1, 2017

How To Choose A Wedding Planner

Many brides ask themselves, “Do I need a wedding planner?”.  In most cases, it is a great idea!  Having a planner to help you with all, or even part of the planning, can alleviate a lot of the stress you may feel from making so. many. decisions!

If you think you can’t afford a planner, think again!  Or at the very least do your research.  Most wedding planners have several different plans that can fit different budgets.  You could hire a planner for just a few consultation sessions, you could hire a planner that just does the day-of planning, or you could opt for the full beginning-to-end planning package.  Of course, there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing a planner that’s right for you.


Read below for tips on choosing your wedding planner:
  • Make sure their style and experience matches yours. Most importantly, your vision for a wedding must be met by the professional you choose to carry it out. After all, they are responsible for turning your dream into a reality!
  • Ensure that you carry on well with one another. You will be spending a lot of time with your chosen planner, both prior to and on the day of your wedding. It makes things run more smoothly if you communicate well with each other.
  • Do their rates fit in your budget? This is another huge component to consider when picking your wedding planner! It’s no secret that wedding planning ain’t cheap. It can cost upwards of $10,000’s. Choose wisely!
  • Book early. This should be a no-brainer. But because most weddings can occur on the weekends, they tend to book up quickly! If you have a short list of planners you love, make sure to contact, interview, and book early.
  • Don’t hire close friends or family. This has the potential to create confusion and tension.  The execution of your wedding day plans is an important task, so it’s better to structure it as a business relationship with your planner.  Hiring a family member can make seemingly simple decisions much more emotionally charged than normal. So, save yourself the stress, and let your loved ones enjoy celebrating with you on the big day!
  • Ask about everything included (assistants, supplies, etc.).  Planning your wedding is an evolving process, and ideas tend to grow easily.  If you add things as you go along, additional fees could apply.  Ask your planner who she brings along to help on the wedding day.  Ask if there are any other fees that may come up. Try to ask any and all questions early so there is no surprise later.
  • Decide what type of planning you need. Whether that is full service (months in advance), partial (weeks in advance), or day of, there are all different kinds available. Choose how much planning you are willing to take on yourself and go from there!
Hope these tips helped you out a little for picking a great wedding planner! For more wedding advice, head on over to our blog!




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