December 13, 2016

What Exactly Is a Bridesmaid’s Job Description?

Ever wonder what the point of being a bridesmaid is? Sure, you’re there to enjoy all the fun and savor the moment with one of your close friends, but what else? Turns out: there is a specific bridesmaid’s job description out there.

A Brief History

According to ancient Roman law, at least 10 people were required to be present and witness the union of a husband and wife. Another purpose of the grouping was for literal protection. In case thieves were looking to rob the new married couple, all those present could help to protect them. In addition, it is urban legend that the bridesmaid’s job was to dress just like the bride in order to confuse evil spirits that wished to harm her. Scary stuff, huh?

After many years, this eventually developed into the modern bridal party, in which both the bride and groom selected those closest to them to stand by their sides and help throughout the day.

Duties of the Bridesmaids
  • Help with tasks before the wedding, such as dress shopping, decor decisions, invitations, etc.
  • Help plan and co-host a bridal shower, lingerie shower, bachelorette party, and other events.

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  • Keep a record of all gifts given to the bride at said events.
  • Attend ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Get involved at the reception and get the party started!

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  • Stay positive for your bride!
  • Provide at much emotional support as you can.

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Remember, your bride chose you as a bridesmaid because she values you and wants you next to her on a huge day in her life! So, see it as an honor and help her out the best you can!

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