The Perfect Fit…and price!

The Perfect Fit…and price!

GBC Bride Taylor fell in love with the first dress she had ever tried on! She had an idea of what she wanted, and her vision is exactly what she had found here at Gown Boutique of Charleston. Lucky for Taylor, it was during one of our Sample Sale gowns! She found the perfect wedding dress that not only looked incredible on her, but was the perfect price.

What were some of your “must haves” for your wedding dress?

I wanted a sweetheart neckline with a plunge, long sleeves, and the dress to be off white. I was leaning towards lace, and I wanted the back to be just as pretty as the front.

Was your vision the same as the wedding dress you choose?

It was honestly exactly what I was looking for. The only difference was I thought I would have more of an A-line/ballgown style. I ended up going with something more form fitting!

What did you love most about your gown?

I loved how it showed off my curves, but I was still comfortable. I was able to sit, eat, and dance the night away without feeling uncomfortable.

How did you know you had found your wedding dress?

It was just this feeling. I wasn’t self conscious. I wasn’t nit-picking apart the dress or myself in it. It was just perfect. After I took it off, I kept wanting to put it back on. There was just something about it. It zipped up perfectly, it was a sample, and on sale. I just had to have it!

Most memorable moment from your wedding dress shopping experience:

Saying “YES!” It was the first dress I tried on and my first stop!

Most memorable moment from your wedding day:

We went to Rainbow Row to take photos, and everyone kept stopping to look at my dress. They would stop to watch and tell me I look beautiful! It was just such an amazing feeling. They didn’t even care that we were taking up the whole street!

Advice you would give to future brides about planning their wedding:

Do everything sooner than the planning books tell you to. I did everything early, stayed organized, and made sure everything was done a month and a half before my wedding. This made for such a relaxing wedding week and month before. All I had the weeks heading up to our big day was just final meetings. It honestly made everything so much more enjoyable day of because I wasn’t worried.

Advice you would give to future brides about wedding dress shopping:

Trust your gut and don’t listen to your mom. She may be paying for the dress, and she may have pictured you in something different, but all she wants is for you to be happy on your wedding day. Do not be afraid to put your foot down for the dress you love. I wouldn’t of loved my dress if my mom had picked it up. It would of been a ballgown, and after losing fifty pounds for my wedding day, I would of hated having to hide all the effort I put in! If you love it and are glowing in it, your mom will love it too.

Congrats to our GBC Bride Taylor! Taylor shopped during one of our Sample Sales! The dress needed little alterations, was in perfect condition, and was at a great cost. Although we do mostly special orders, samples are always an option at GBC.

Photographer: JBurns_Photography

Venue: Historic Rice Mill

Florist: Fresh Weddings and Events

Hair and Makeup: Lashes and Lace

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