May 11, 2017

Sarah Grace’s Lace Sleeved Wedding Gown

Wow! Check out our bride’s stunning lace sleeved gown!

We are blown away by how stunning Sarah Grace’s Stella York dress looks paired with her Amy Kuschel bolero. The end result was fantastic and we are so happy for sweet Sarah Grace! The lace sleeved wonder really fit well with her Charleston nuptials and overall aesthetic. The delicate lace scalloping and details matched so beautifully to the lace veil she wore.

Q&A with the Bride:

GBC: What did you love most about your gown?

Sarah Grace: I think my favorite part of my actual gown was the lace sleeves- it was perfect for a winter wedding and added a traditional element while still being fun and different. But I think the thing I loved the most was how beautiful I felt when I wore it- it was the complete opposite of what I thought I wanted, but knew as soon as I put it on that this was my gown!



GBC: What was your most memorable wedding dress shopping moment?

Sarah Grace: My most memorable experience was trying on dress after dress in the exact style that I thought I wanted, only to realize it wasn’t what I wanted at all. When I first pointed out my dress, Jessica described it and told me she didn’t think that was what I was describing (which I agreed with!). After trying even more on I decided I wanted to try on that dress, even if it wasn’t at all what I wanted, and what do you know- that was the one!



GBC: What was the most memorable moment from your wedding?

Sarah Grace: Hard to pick just one! But I would say that my most memorable moment from our wedding was being hidden away in the courtyard after the ceremony, no family, no bridal party, no photographers- just me and Daniel. Those precious few minutes alone before we started photos were so special- I feel like it is so rare to have a quiet moment with your spouse on such an exciting and busy day, so I am so thankful for those few minutes alone to privately celebrate each other and our vows!



GBC: Any advice you have for other brides or anything to share about your wedding planning experience?

Sarah Grace: My biggest advice to any bride on her wedding day is to simply enjoy. Not everything will work out exactly as you planned, but the day is entirely too special and too short to spend any time worrying about any of the details that seemed so important when you planned them. Your gown will, of course, be stunning, but I think the most beautiful thing a bride can wear is a genuine, joyful smile.



Photography // Molly Joseph Photography

Venue // St. Luke’s Chapel & No. 5 Faber

Wedding Date // December 17, 2016

Florist // The Flower Cottage

Planner // The Flower Cottage

Congrats to both Sarah Grace and Daniel Engel!

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