January 13, 2017

Tips and Tricks for a Winter Wedding

Everyone knows May and June are the big months for weddings! With sunny weather, fresh flowers, and longer days, it is a popular time of year for beautiful weddings. HOWEVER, winter weddings can be just as gorgeous in a far different way. A winter wedding faces different challenges than spring and summer ones do, but they are nothing you cannot handle!

Below are some tips for the most perfect winter wedding you could imagine:
  • When it comes to your wedding dress, choose what you want, despite the weather. Although you may feel like you need to purchase a long-sleeve dress, that is not the case! Feel free to pick out what you have always dreamed of and figure out what to wear when outside later.
  • However, your bridesmaids should be kept in mind whilst choosing their outfits. Maybe go for a warmer option, like this sweater and skirt duo below!


  • Let the season and festivities into your wedding. It’s okay to have some odes to the holidays around at your winter wedding, just don’t go too overboard!
  • Do consider wedding insurance. God forbid it happen, but if there is some sort of weather-related disaster, you will be worry-free!
  • Going along with the tip about insurance, don’t worry about the weather (after insurance is purchased)! It will all buff out.


  • Incorporate festive ideas into your food decisions. Hot chocolate bar, s’mores, caramel apples? The ideas are endless! Just embrace the season.
  • Choose seasonal florals for your winter wedding. Go for darker, richer colors with floral arrangements like this onewinter-wedding-tips-tricks-advice
  • Take advantage of the string light possibilities available to you! Also, because it gets dark so early, this is a great tool to use to brighten things up!
  • Finally… Enjoy your time! Snuggle up with the one you love and have fun on the most wonderful day of your life!
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