October 20, 2016

10 Things To Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

So, you found the right guy, you received your shiny new engagement ring, and are excited to start planning your dream day! There is so much to think about, from your venue to catering to floral arrangements; but, don’t forget the most important dress you’ll ever wear! Although getting married is supposed to be fun and exciting, some brides do find the wedding dress shopping process extremely stressful. But it does not have to be that way! Trust us–we’re the experts.


Our top 10 tips for wedding dress shopping.

In order to avoid possible frustration, disappointment, and stress, it is vital that you know what to expect from wedding dress shopping and how to best prepare for it.

1. Have a set budget in mind. 

Nothing is worse than falling in love with a gown that is way over your designated funds, so save yourself the trouble and don’t even try it on. Stick to your guns during wedding dress shopping. It will help you in the long run.

2. Don’t close yourself off to possibilities, but come with a vision in mind.

Nothing helps a consultant get a better idea of what you are leaning towards than bringing in pictures. Even though it is important to be open to other styles, it is always better to have some idea of what you are wanting to look like. Check out Pinterest for ideas!

3. Invite the right people.

Whatever you do, choose your entourage wisely. Although you may feel pressured to bring your outspoken, opinionated sister, you may want to have her sit this one out if she will likely sway you from your budget or vision. Also, try not to bring a large number of people (more opinions = more problems).

4. Plan on a maintained waistline.

We all plan on losing a few pounds before a big event, but that does not always happen. Especially when your stress over the wedding is contributing to weight gain. Therefore, always order your dress to fit you now, knowing you can take it in when alterations start. Do not order a few sizes down in hopes of fitting into it when it comes in.

5. Understand bridal sizing.

Few brides come into their appointment understanding that bridal sizes are completely different than street sizes. Because bridal follows European and couture sizing, you will typically be one to two sizes larger in a bridal gown than in your jeans and t-shirt. Do not be offended by this while wedding dress shopping… it’s normal!

6. Know that emotions are different for different people.

Some brides cry when they find “the one,” some just smile, and some just decide this is by far the best dress they have slipped into with very little emotion involved. Don’t over-expect certain feelings from yourself!

7. Remember that the sample won’t fit perfectly.

It could be way too small or too big or just not quite right. This is why we are ordering your size and tailoring it to fit your body.

8. Be aware of your timeline.

Try to start shopping about a year out from your wedding date to avoid any pressure or rush orders. It typically takes about 4-6 months for your ordered dress to arrive at the store from the designer, as well as 2-4 months for fittings and alterations. So start making wedding dress shopping decisions with this in mind!

9. Be ready to buy.

We all know that shopping is fun, but there is a point when you need to stop playing dress-up and make a decision. Eventually all the dresses you have tried on will start to blur together and you won’t even remember what you liked and did not like. To avoid this confusion, be ready to stop when you find one you love. Yes, there will always be other dresses, just like there will always be other guys. But you didn’t keep looking for another after you found him, did you?

10. Have fun with it!

Don’t forget that this is supposed to be enjoyable! Don’t stress it too much and just enjoy the process. You’re getting ready for one of the happiest days of your life!

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